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June 23, 2021

Construction Site Entry Signs | Building Site Signage.

Construction Site Entry Signs

Workplace safety signage is a requirement on all Australian construction sites. Highly visible safety signs and Construction Site Signage can help prevent injuries and ensure that all staff and visitors are aware of any dangerous hazards.

What Signs Are Required On A Construction Site? Builders Site Signs.

We make it easy to to add your information to the sign with our customisation button, you can simply add your logo and we will do the rest.

If you do not have a design bone in your body or would just like to deal with a real person, we understand. Send us an email after you have placed your order to admin@newsignsgroup.com.au and one of our design team members will contact you and put your design together for you. We are here to help.



Types of Signs on a Construction Site. Safety improvements have been driven by better working practices and better training along with safer clothing and equipment.  There may be risks to visitors and non-workers who cannot always be excluded from a building site.  The responsibility for site safety falls upon all involved: workers, contractors and the owner.

One particular aspect of building site safety is signage.  Good building site signs can help to enforce safe working practices and to identify hazards.  Signage will help improve the safety of both workers and visitors.

If you are the project manager of a construction site, you need to make sure that you are getting Construction Site Signs placed in it. This will help you to ensure the safety of all people who work within the construction site following you building site signage.

Why You Need Types Of Signs On A Construction Site?

  • Construction Site Safety Signs are a mandatory requirement to ensure your business abides with workplace occupational health and safety requirements.
  • Australia has legislation in place that started that signs are legally required to be used in any occupational environment, whether it’s a construction site or an office building. Complying with these laws is therefore both beneficial and essential.
  • Without signage on Construction Site Warning Signs, employees could be left unaware of risks and employers might find themselves in significant legal and workplace health and safety trouble.