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Construction Site Entry Signs | Building Site Signage.

Workplace safety signage is a requirement on all Australian construction sites. Highly visible safety signs and Construction Site Signage can help prevent injuries and ensure that all staff and visitors are aware of any dangerous hazards.

What Signs Are Required On A Construction Site? Builders Site Sign.

If you are the project manager of a construction site, you need to make sure that you are getting Construction Site Signs placed in it. This will help you to ensure the safety of all people who work within the construction site following you building site signage.

Construction Site Entry Building Sign

Personalise our construction signage.

We make it easy to to add your information and logo to the sign with our customisation button, you can simply add your logo and we will do the rest.

If you do not have a design bone in your body or would just like to deal with a real person, we understand. Send us an email after you have placed your order to admin@newsignsgroup.com.au and one of our design team members will contact you and put your design together for you. We are here to help.

UV Resilient and Protected

We laminate our Aluminium Composite Panel and Vinyl Sticker ranges with UV protective matte laminate. This gives our signs an extra layer of protection from the harsh Aussie conditions, making our signs perfect for outdoor environments. Our UV laminated signs will last a minimum of 5 years even in the most harsh and testing environments.

Corflute Construction Site Entry Signs are commonly fixed to temporary fences, or gates surrounding the construction site. The corflute is 5mm thick and has UV resilient digitally printed graphics applied.


Why You Need Types Of Signs On A Construction Site?

Construction Site Safety Signs are a mandatory requirement to ensure your business abides with workplace occupational health and safety requirements.

Australia has legislation in place that started that signs are legally required to be used in any occupational environment, whether it’s a construction site or an office building. Complying with these laws is therefore both beneficial and essential.

Without signage on Construction Site Warning Signs, employees could be left unaware of risks and employers might find themselves in significant legal and workplace health and safety trouble.

Add that finishing touch

A common concern when using signage is keeping them in place. When used outdoors, their appearance can easily be affected by factors such as the weather and, instead of making your display stand out, they can make it look untidy and unprofessional. Drill holes, eyelets, doubled sided tape and cable ties are the solution to this problem. Rounded corned signs evoke warmth and trust. Many call them “friendly rectangles” for this reason.

* Easy install
* Low cost
* Assists in fastening your signs
* Good resistance to UV


    These signs can help protect people being injured on your worksite.


    Of the dangers of being on a worksite without the appropriate PPE.


    Encourage people to stop and read and follow instructions.

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Construction Safety Signs

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Danger Construction Site Do Not Enter Sign

These signs are great to get an important message out to people across worksites and manufacturing sites.A danger sign is warning you about a situation or substance that will cause immediate physical harm to you.


Mesh Banners

Mesh Banners are perfect in situations where you need a banner or sign to handle windy conditions, such as large-scale outdoor advertising. 

Mesh Banners are a favourite for clients in the construction industry, particularly in the form of site fence signs. The mesh includes welded edges and eyelets every 500mm.