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Inform and Protect with Beach Safety Signs

Beach safety signage is crucial for ensuring the well-being of visitors to the beach. These signs can be made up of beach hazard signs and beach caution signs and serve as informative tools which can help alert visitors to potential hazards, provide safety guidelines and guide them in emergency situations. Beach safety signs should be strategically placed throughout the beach area, especially in high-traffic or potentially dangerous areas. Here are some common types of beach safety signs:

  • Lifeguard Signs: These signs indicate whether a lifeguard is on duty or not. They are essential to alert visitors about the presence of lifeguards and the risks when they are not on duty.

No Lifeguard On Duty Sign

  • No Swimming Signs: No swimming signs are used to indicate areas where swimming is prohibited due to strong currents, dangerous wildlife or other hazards.

No Swimming Sign

  • Beach Closed Signs: Beach closed signs are a type of safety and regulatory signage used to inform beachgoers and the public that a particular section or the entire beach is temporarily off-limits or closed to the public. These signs are typically used under specific circumstances to protect public safety, maintain order or address various hazards.

Beach Closed Sign

  • Rip Current Signs: These signs provide information about the presence of rip currents, which are powerful, narrow channels of fast-moving water. They alert beachgoers to the dangers so caution can be taken when entering the water. 

Danger Strong Currents Sign

  • Shark Warning Signs: Shark warning signs are placed in areas where there is a heightened risk of shark activity or in areas where shark activity has been recently to alert visitors to take care when entering the water. 

Shark Sighted Today Enter Water at Own Risk Sign

  • Dangerous Wildlife Signs: These signs inform beachgoers about the presence of dangerous marine life such as jellyfish, stingrays, or sharks.

Caution Warning Jellyfish Sign

  • CRP Signs: CPR signs outline crucial instructions in the case of cardiac arrest or other life threatening situations. This may include how to perform CPR, use a defibrillator or outline the Chain of Survival. They have clear and concise step-by-step instructions which include illustrations and text to guide bystanders through the life saving process until professional help can arrive.

CPR Resuscitation Guide 1 Sign

Beach Lifestyle Signs 

Beach lifestyle signs are a fun and creative way to enhance the overall atmosphere and experience at a beach or coastal destination. These could be beach shack signs or beach house signs and are designed to add character, charm and personality. They often feature a relaxed, beachy design and message like our Life Is Good At The Beach Sign or our beach direction arrow sign - This Way To The Beach Sign. 

Why Choose Our Beach Signage?

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