Collection: Bee Signs

Beekeeping Signage 

Beekeeping signs are informational or instructional signs that are often placed near beehives or in areas where beekeeping activities are taking place. Beekeeping signs are essential for both beekeepers and the general public. They help ensure the safety of individuals who may come into contact with beehives and promote awareness of the critical role bees play in our ecosystems. 

Beekeeping signage can be regulated for beekeepers depending on the state you reside in. Beekeeping VIC signage requirements may differ from Beekeeping NSW sign requirements and Beekeeping QLD sign requirements so please ensure you check your local jurisdictions guidelines.

New Signs is able to customise existing signs in our range to your exact needs as well as create new signs designs so you can find the exact sign to meet your requirements. 

Bee Warning Signs 

Bee signs, honey bee signs and wasp signs are commonly used to inform people about the presence of bees and wasps in an area and the potential dangers associated with them. This information is particularly important to display as bee and wasp stings can be potential fatal to some people. 

The signs may advise people to keep their distance, wear protective clothing or exercise caution to avoid disturbing the bees. Signs to display this message can include a Caution This Area Has Beehives Sign or a Caution Bees Stay Clear Sign

Honey for Sale 

Honey for Sale signs are a great way to inform people that honey is available for purchase. These signs are often bright and eye-catching to attract attention and drive sales. These signs can be used by honey producers, beekeepers or retail stores and are commonly placed at points of sale such as farm stands, roadside stalls, local markets, or even at the entrance to a beekeeping operation. Our Honey For Sale Sign and Pure Local Honey For Sale Sign are just what you need to drive your honey sales.

Bee Signage for Farms and Apiaries  

Whether you have a bee apiary or manage an orchard or farm which uses bees to assist with pollination, bee signs are essential for the safety of workers, visitors and the bees alike. 

New Signs has a range of signs to assist with your needs including a Farm Honey Bee Biosecurity Sign, Caution Honey Bees Hard At Work Do Not Disturb Sign, Bee Keeping Operation Ahead Sign and Caution Live Bees No Spray Zone Sign.

No matter your bee sign needs, New Signs has got you covered. All of our signs come in a variety of sizes, materials and finishes including stickers, corflute, aluminum composite panel, standard and reflective finishes to ensure you can find exactly what you are looking for. Contact us for a quote today!