Collection: Garden Signs

Garden Signs made to last

Garden signs are decorative and informative signs used to enhance the appearance and functionality of a garden. At New Signs we had a range of garden signs to choose from or you can customise your own garden sign to suit your unique needs. 

New Signs offers a range of material options including vinyl stickers, corflute signs and aluminium composite signs. We understand just how harsh the Australian Climate can be so we make our signs to last, even outdoors. We laminate our aluminium composite panel and vinyl sticker ranges with UV protective matte laminate. This gives our signs an extra layer of protection to ensure they will remain effective and highly visible over time. 

Check out a full collections to get some great garden sign ideas! 

Garden Signage for Every Purpose

There are many reasons why you might need to, or would like to add signs to your garden. From organisation to education to protection you will find a sign to meet your every need.  

Organsie your Garden Shed: Keep your garden tools and supplies organised with garden shed signs. Garden shed signage not only adds functionality but also enhances the overall aesthetics of your shed.

Create a Sensory Garden: A sensory garden is a specially designed garden space that engages and stimulates the senses, providing a multi-sensory experience for visitors. These gardens are thoughtfully planned to enhance sensory perception, promote relaxation, and offer therapeutic benefits. Sensory gardens are typically accessible to people of all ages and abilities, making them valuable for various purposes, including education, therapy, and leisure. Enhance the space with as sensory garden signage including our sensory garden sign

Protect your Garden and Grass: Keep your garden and grass safe by informing visitors of your garden rules. Our range of signs includes a Please Keep Off The Grass Sign, Do Not Pick Flowers Sign and a Private Property Do Not Walk Through The Garden Sign.

Create a School Garden: Foster a love for nature and learning in your school garden. Enhance the area with school gardens signs. Design your school garden signage to engage students and encourage outdoor exploration. This can include information signs, activity signs and signs for different trees and plants like a Mangoes Sign, Fruit Tree Sign or Sunflowers Sign. Be sure to include native garden signage to educate students about the importance of native plants. 

Personalise Your Garden with Custom Outdoor Signs

Make your garden truly unique with our custom signs. Whether you want to feature your family name, a special quote or your garden's history, we can create a personalised sign that tells your garden's story. Or if you like a bit of humour why not customise funny signs for the garden that will bring a smile to your visitors' faces. There is no limit to the imagination when designing custom outdoor signs for gardens. 

Need inspiration for your garden signage? Explore our range for garden sign ideas for creative ways to enhance your garden's appeal.