Collection: Fire Green Signs

Fire Signage Solutions 

Fire signage is an essential safety measure required by all buildings and workplaces. Fire safety signs are designed to share important and critical information to a wide number of people in a concise and clear manner. In emergency situations every second counts so it is vital that your employees, guests, visitors or tenants can quickly identify fire signage. 

Fire Sign Colours

Fire Safety Signs generally come in two distinct colours: Red or Green. The use of these standardized colors helps ensure that people can quickly and easily identify the type of information provided by a particular sign in an emergency situation. It contributes to the overall safety and effectiveness of emergency response measures within a building or facility.

Red Fire Signs are commonly used for fire-related signage because it is an attention-grabbing color associated with danger, urgency, and fire itself. Red fire signage typically indicates the location of firefighting equipment or emergency devices that are essential during a fire emergency such as fire extinguishers, fire alarms and fire hose reels.

Green Fire Signs are used to indicate safe conditions and to guide people to safety during an emergency. Green fire signage typically indicates escape routes, emergency exits and safety equipment such as emergency exit signs and evacuation meeting points. 

Green Fire Signs 

Ensuring you have the correct fire signage displayed is essential to the safety of everyone entering your place of business. New Signs has created a range of Fire Safety Signs, Fire Red Signs and Fire Green Signs to ensure you have every angle covered.

Our green fire signs include a range of signs to help indicate safe conditions during a fire emergency and are just as important as the red fire signs. They fall within 3 main categories:

Ensure your workplace or facility is ready in the case of an emergency and order your fire signage today!