Collection: Boat Signs

Boat Safety Signage 

Boat safety signage is an important tool designed to promote safety and guide individuals on and around boats and watercraft. Boat safety signs convey important information, warnings, and instructions to boaters, passengers, and individuals in the vicinity of water bodies.

These signs play a crucial role in ensuring a safe and organized maritime environment to help prevent accidents and injuries. 

Boat Traffic Signs

Boat traffic signs or boat road signs are markers and signs placed in water bodies to guide and inform boaters about safe navigation, waterway regulations and potential hazards. These signs play a critical role in maintaining order on the water and ensuring the safety of vessels.

Boat speed signs are a crucial part of boat traffic signs and similar to road speed limit signs they indicate the maximum speed that watercraft should travel in a specific area. These signs play a crucial role in promoting safety on the water by helping to regulate the speed of boats in different zones, thereby minimising the risk of accidents and protecting both people and property. Display a 4 Knot Sign, 5 Knot Sign or 6 Knot Sign to indicate the speed permitted in specific areas of the waterways. 

Boat Hazard Signs 

Boat hazard signs are placed in water bodies to warn boaters of potential dangers or hazards that they may encounter. These signs are essential for promoting safety on the water and helping boaters navigate around obstacles or areas with increased risks.

Hazards for boats may include obstacles in the water such as floating pontoons, strong currents, people in the water such as swimmers, windsurfers, water skiers and divers. Clearly marking these areas with appropriate signs is essential in ensuring safety for all in the water. 

Some signs in our range include: 

Jetty and Boat Ramp Signs 

Jetty signs and boat ramp signs are a type of boat signage that provide important information to boaters and people about the proper use of jetty and boat ramps. These signs help ensure safety around the water and help organize and ensure orderly use of these facilities.

Jetty and Boat Ramp signs can have many uses such as helping direct people or alerting them to hazards. Displaying Keep off Jetty Sign or a Caution Slippery Area Sign can help alert people to safety concerns on a jetty. Whereas a No Boat Launch Sign or Boat Launch Zone Sign can help direct people to the correct areas to launch their boats and also alert people to boating activities being undertaken in the area. 

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