Evarite A-Frame Sign

Grab people's attention with these Evarite portable a-frames. Made from lightweight durable plastic with vinyl graphics applied to both sides.

Crafted from strong impact-resistant plastic, the Evarite endures the toughest conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability. The innovative design includes a unique hinge, integrated into the main frame, eliminating breakable parts. The user-friendly, built-in handle enhances portability, making it comfortable and easy to carry.

Adding to its superior design, the Evarite Sign boasts a double-sided signage face measuring 600W x 450H mm, providing enough space for impactful visuals. One of its standout features is the weighted feet, which contribute to its exceptional wind resistance, making it one of the most stable A-frames in Australia.

The Evarite features include stainless steel fixing screws for the feet to prevent rusting, and a flatter face surface, simplifying the application of graphics. These enhancements, coupled with its robust construction, cement the Evarite Sign as a market leader.