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Discover exceptional Childcare and Kindergarten Signs for a safe and engaging environment

Kindergarten and childcare signage plays a crucial role in creating a safe, engaging and welcoming environment for staff, children and their parents. Kindergarten signage serves various purposes from ensuring the safety of the children to providing essential information and creating an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

Whether you are looking for Childcare or Kindergarten Safety Signs, daycare signs, kindergarten yard signs, childcare centre signs or signs to create a childcare wall display, New Signs has you covered. 

Make safety your number one priority with our Childcare Safety Signs 

Childcare safety signs and kindergarten safety signs are essential tools for ensuring the well-being of children in daycare facilities. These signs communicate important safety information, rules and guidelines to both staff, children and parents, helping to create a secure and nurturing environment. Here's a closer look at the types of childcare safety signs and their significance:

  • Health and Hygiene Signs: Remind children and staff about the importance of handwashing with signs located near sinks and hand hygiene stations. Display signs outlining proper handwashing techniques and the use of hand sanitizer. See our Children Wash Your Hands Sign
  • Allergy Awareness Signs: Alert staff, parents and visitors to common allergens present in the facility, or allergens not permitted within the center such as nuts. Communicate allergy policies and procedures, including restrictions on certain foods or activities. See our Stop You Are Entering a Nut Free Zone Sign
  • Safety Rules Signs: Post signs outlining safety rules for indoor and outdoor play areas, including guidelines for using equipment and toys. Emphasize rules related to running, climbing and sharing to prevent accidents and injuries. See our This Is A Kid Safe Area Please Close The Gate Sign
  • Supervision Signs: Remind staff and parents about the importance of supervision with signs located throughout the facility.
  • Entry Guidelines Signs: Establish protocols for visitors entering the childcare facility and child drop-off and pick-up procedures with signs outlining check-in procedures and visitor badges. See our Notice Parent / Guardian Must Sign Children In and Out Of This Centre Sign
  • Security Signs: Display signs indicating the presence of security measures such as surveillance cameras or alarm systems. View our full Security Signs collection 
  • No-Go Zones Signs: Identify areas that are off-limits to children, such as staff-only areas, supply closets or hazardous zones.
  • Emergency Procedures and Fire Safety Signs: Ensure compliance with fire safety regulations by displaying signs indicating the location of fire extinguishers, alarms and emergency exits. Also provide instructions for evacuating the building in the event of a fire emergency. View our full Emergency Information Signs Collection 
  • First Aid and Medical Signs: Identify the location of first aid kits, AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) and emergency contact information. View our full First Aid Signs collection

Customise your own Kinder Signs to suit your facility's needs

At New Signs we understand every childcare and kindergarten is different and has its own unique needs and challenges. Our Custom Signs range is the answer with the ability to customise your own signs from scratch or alter existing signs in our range.

Custom signs can be used to clearly communicate safety guidelines and emergency procedures with our expertly crafted signs or to transform your walls with vibrant childcare wall displays. Eye-catching childcare signs help to stimulate learning and creativity and create a positive atmosphere.

View our extensive range online or contact our customer service team today to discuss your signage needs.