We Love Wildlife Signs Australian Range!

We Love Wildlife Signs Australian Range!

Help Protect Our Wildlife

We know we can't save every animal, but if our signs can help at least prevent some animals from being hit and protect our wildlife we feel like that's a great start. And we can do that through our wildlife signs range.  

Shocking Facts..

  • An estimated 10 million animals are hit on Australian roads every year. Australia’s road toll is so high it threatens whole species.
  • Road mortality is the second biggest killer of endangered Tasmanian devils with around 350 killed every year

Hundreds of thousands of animals are killed each year after being hit by motor vehicles. Please drive with caution on both regional and urban roads or private properties or camping grounds where native animals may be present.


It is especially important to be vigilant and very aware in the early mornings, late afternoons and through the night when many native animals are out and about.

  • If you do accidentally hit any animal, please stop your car carefully and safely and check to see if the animal requires emergency assistance.
  • Dead animals can attract scavenger animals towards the road to feed, and increase the chances of more collisions. You can reduce this risk where it is safe to do so, by moving the dead animal even a few metres away from the road.

Koalas and Cars

While Australia’s most popular national symbol, the koala, is still a relatively ‘common’, vulnerable populations living in expanding urban areas are under an increasing threat: traffic. Roaming koalas are suffering alarmingly high road mortality.

• Koala hospital records show that about 300 koalas are killed on the roads in South East Queensland each year.

• Many more deaths are likely to go unreported.

• More than 85 per cent of koalas hit by a car die.


Kangaroos and Cars

Kangaroos are involved in eight out of 10 car crashes with animals, new figures show.

Kangaroos are getting into the most trouble on the roads, with 7,992 kangaroo collision claims in the recorded year. Roos made up a whopping 83% of all animal collisions. Wallabies were next with 392 collisions.

Animal collision claims March 2018-February 2019.

“For kangaroos, the greatest risk periods are around 6am and 6pm. Collisions with wombats peak about 9pm, and incidents involving dogs are fairly evenly spread throughout the day from 8am to 10pm,” an RACV spokesperson said.

Thank you so much for all your wonderful signs recommendations for our wildlife signs Australia range. We've loved creating them for you and look forward to adding more of your favourites to our range.

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