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Speed Limit Signs

Speed limit signs play a vital role in keeping our roads safe. A speed limit sign advises drivers of the maximum speed in which they are able to travel on a road. Speed signs set a reasonable and safe speed for drivers to travel at with the aim to reduce the number and severity of accidents and to protect other drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. 

Speed signs are also used to assist traffic flow and traffic efficiency. This is done by providing the same limit and rules for all drivers and allows people to predict the flow of traffic. 

Variable speed limit signs and temporary speed limit signs can also be used to manage traffic during road works or construction sites where limits need to be changed. They can also use real time data to look at traffic flow and adjust the speed accordingly. Variable speed limit signs can also be set up to change or turn on and off at different times such as during peak hour and in school zones. 

In Australia the number indicated on speed signs is in kph (kilometers per hour). Speed limits can change from state to state so ensure you are aware of the specific rules for the state or territory you are traveling in. 

Types of speed limit signs  

New Signs offers 4 main categories of traffic speed signs: Speed Limit Signs, Traffic Control Speed Signs and Shared Zone Speed Signs and Multi Message Speed Limit Signs.

Speed Limit Signs are the typical speed signs you see on the roads every day. These are a white sign with the speed limit noted in bold black text enclosed within a red circle. New Signs has a full range of speed limits from 2km to 100km available including speed limit 60, speed limit 50, speed limit 40 and speed limit 20. 

Traffic control speed signs are more commonly seen on worksites and in car parks and are a white sign with the words ‘speed limit’ and the number in black text. New Signs also offers a variation on these signs with the speed limit also enclosed in the red circle. 

Shared zone/driveway speed signs are commonly used in shared driveways and areas with children, pets or animals. These signs include the speed limit in a red circle with the words shared zone, shared driveway or children at play written on them. They can also often include pictures such as a child and car. New Signs also offers a full range of School and Playground Signs, Building Property Signs and Driveway Parking Signs to complement our shared zone and driveway speed signs. 

Multi message Speed Limit Signs are specifically designed for use during road works or where the speed limit is temporarily changed. They are lightweight and sized to fit within a multi message frame. New Signs also has a full range of Multi Message Reflective Traffic Signs available. 

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