3M™ Reflective Vehicle Marking Tape

What is Reflective Tape used for?

For application to sides and rear of large trucks, trailers and other vehicles to increase their visibility, especially when the vehicle is turning or crossing roadways'

Why use Reflective Tape?

Reflective tape increases the visibility of your vehicles, equipment, or property, which can help protect your assets, keep you and others safe, and save you money.

3M™ 983 Reflective Vehicle Marking Tapes

  • 3M Class 1A Diamond Grade™ Vehicle and Conspicuity Marking Tape
  • 983 Rigid Edge Sealed Series are suitable for flat, rigid surfaces
  • High brightness, superior angularity
  • Excellent water resistance and non-corroding
  • Highly reflective at wide angles
  • Aggressive, pressure-sensitive adhesive
  • Easy-to-remove liner
  • Easy application to smaller trucks, trailers, and other hard surfaces

Our Reflective Tape

The benefits

Easy application to smaller trucks, trailers, and other hard surfaces. When it comes to Vehicle and Conspicuity Marking Tapes, you cannot go past 3M's premium range, 983 Rigid Edge Sealed Series.

The 983 Series are continuous rigid tape, perfect for increasing visibility and safety on virtually any hard surface. The innovative Class 1A Diamond Grade™ microprismatic sheeting provides superior reflectivity where the utmost visual effectiveness is required day and night, alerting more road users faster and earlier. They also have excellent weather resistance and no dirt and water penetration due to edge sealing. The pressure sensitive adhesive allows for easy application to trucks, trailers and large vehicles.

The new mini roll sizes 3m and 15m also can be used on other hard surfaces such as gates, barriers and posts, and workplace machinery. Before applying, ensure that the rigid surfaces, (typically are either aluminium, stainless steel and automotive paint) ,are clean, smooth, flat and dimensionally stable. Avoid low surface energy plastics.



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