Driveway Signs

Driveway Signs

Displaying "Private Driveway Signs" is a great way to stop people blocking your driveway. Unless you’re dropping off or picking up passengers or stopping in a dedicated parking bay, you shouldn’t park on or across a driveway.

While many people believe their driveway extends from their garage or carport to the roadway, you’re only allowed to park on the part of the driveway within the private property boundary, even if there’s no public footpath to block. 

Whilst it may be convenient for you to park in your driveway and across part or all of the footpath, you must consider all users of the footpath.  In particular, children, elderly, vision impaired and pedestrians with mobility issues may have trouble navigating around your car, as might people in wheelchairs and parents with prams. Children on bikes and scooters, who are forced down your driveway crossover and towards or onto the road to get around your car should also be considered.

If you are considering building, buying or renting a home with the garage close to the street, then think about your likely parking habits and whether you will be bothered putting your car in the garage every day. Consider displaying "Keep Driveway Clear Signs".

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