Collection: Swimming Pool Signs

Swimming Pool Safety Signs 

Swimming pool signs are an essential component of pool safety. In Australia, pool safety signs are heavily regulated in an effort to prevent accidents and protect the safety of swimmers. Pool signage provides important information and warnings to pool users to ensure that they are aware of potential hazards and safety rules. 

At New Signs we have a huge range of Swimming Pool Safety Signs including CPR and Life Saving Signs, Pool Rules Signs, Pool Warning Signs and Depth Markers.  

CRP and Life Saving Signs for Pools 

Life Saving Signs and CPR signs outline crucial instructions in the case of cardiac arrest or other life threatening situations. This may include how to perform CPR, use a defibrillator or outline the Chain of Survival. They have clear and concise step-by-step instructions which include illustrations and text to guide bystanders through the life saving process until professional help can arrive.

Pool sign requirements have strict guidelines which change from state to state and jurisdiction to jurisdiction. To ensure your pool is up to code please check your specific state and local regulations when purchasing your pool signs. 

At New Signs we offer our life saving and CPR signs in a range of materials and sizes so you can find the exact sign for your needs. The signs in our range include:  

Pool Depth Markers 

Pool depth markers are visual indicators placed within a swimming pool to inform swimmers of the water depth at various points in the pool. These markers are essential for ensuring the safety of pool users, as they help individuals assess the depth of the water and make informed decisions about their activities.

At New Signs we have a selection of pool depth sign options including a range of Stainless Steel Signs as well as pool depth stickers and aluminum composite panel signs. Our stainless steel pool depth markers are made of 316 marine grade stainless steel which is designed to withstand the harsh elements of being submerged in water for prolonged periods of time. Our stickers and aluminum composite signs are designed to sit above the water level. The signs in our range include: 

Pool Rules

Pool rules signs are informational and safety-oriented signs that are commonly posted in and around swimming pool areas to inform swimmers and pool users about specific regulations, guidelines, and safety measures they must follow while using the pool. These signs help ensure the safety, hygiene, and proper conduct of individuals in and around the pool. These can include signs about child supervision or activities and items not permitted in the pool area such as jumping, diving, running, glass, alcohol and smoking. The signs in our range include: 

Pool Warning Signs 

Pool warning signs are crucial safety measures in and around swimming pools. They are designed to alert pool users and visitors to potential hazards and risks they may encounter. Pool warning signs are typically posted in visible locations and use clear language and symbols to convey important information. The signs in our range include: 

In Australia, swimming pool signage plays a vital role in promoting safety and reducing the risk of accidents and injuries in pools. It is essential for pool owners to be aware of the signage requirements in their area and take steps to comply with these rules to maintain a safe swimming environment for all.