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Construction Site Safety Signs: Enhance Workplace Safety 

Building and construction sites can be full of hazardous situations so it is essential to ensure the site has adequate signage to alert and advise workers and visitors of these potential dangers. Safety signs in construction sites play a crucial role in preventing accidents, minimising hazards and ensuring a secure working environment for everyone on the site. Due to the varying nature of every building site there is a huge range of signs to cover every situation however you will find safety signs on construction sites typically adhere to standardised designs and colours for easy recognition. 

New Signs has a huge range of site safety signs including construction site entry signs, construction site cautions signs and construction site office signs to ensure you can find all of the signage required for your worksite. 

Site Safety Signs for every situation 

Safety signs at construction sites generally fall into a few main categories depending on the nature of the dangers and hazards present: 

  • Mandatory Signs: Clearly communicate mandatory safety procedures with our range of signs. Ensure that your team follows essential safety protocols for a secure work environment. Eg. High Visibility Vest And Safety Footwear Must Be Worn Sign
  • Warning, Danger and Caution Signs: Highlight potential hazards and risks with our warning, danger and construction site caution signs. Keep your building site accident-free by alerting workers to potential dangers. Eg. Caution Look Out For Forklifts Signs
  • Prohibition Signs: Restrict unauthorised access and activities with our prohibition signs. Maintain control over your construction site and prevent accidents by clearly indicating restricted areas. Eg. No Smoking On Premises Sign
  • Emergency Information Signs: Be prepared for any situation with our emergency information signs. Clearly mark emergency exits, first aid stations, and other critical information to ensure a swift and organised response. Eg. AED Defibrillator Instruction Sign

Construction Site Entrance Signage  

The entry to a construction site is the first point of contact you will have with any workers or visitors entering the site. It is essential that you have the correct signage displayed to maintain a safe working environment. In many cases site entry signage is regulated depending on the state your site is located. Construction site entry signage requirements in Victoria and construction site entry requirements in NSW may differ so ensure you have checked your local and state regulations when arranging the signage. 

Construction Site Entry Signs are a specific type of sign designed to be displayed at the entrance to building and construction sites and provide important information about the site including the project details, contact information, permit and license numbers, emergency contact details and specific rules for entering the site. They may also include health and safety coordination plans, PPE requirements, warning signs such as construction site do not enter and Covid-19 site safety information. 

New Signs has a whole range of Construction Site Entry Signs for all types of building sites and regulations. At New Signs we can also customise any of our building site entry signs to your exact needs and to ensure you can meet any local requirements. If you have additional signage needs we have a full custom sign range in addition to our huge standard range so you can find anything you need whether it be a no smoking sign or a huge mesh banner to put on your construction site fencing advertising your business. 

New Signs are your safety signage specialists and can assist you in promoting site safety on your building or construction site. Discover a comprehensive selection of construction safety signs designed to meet industry standards, enhance workplace safety, and keep your team protected. View our full range online or contact our friendly team for assistance today!