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Signage in the Workplace 

Workplace signage refers to signs that are used in a workplace setting which are typically used to convey important messages, instructions, warnings or guidelines to employees, visitors or anyone present in the workplace. Workplace signs serve multiple purposes including promoting safety, providing directions, conveying regulatory information and supporting overall organizational communication.

There are different types of workplace signage, each serving a specific purpose. Some common categories include:

  • Safety Signs: These signs are crucial for promoting a safe work environment. They include warnings about potential hazards, emergency exit signs, first aid signs and instructions on the use of safety equipment.
  • Informational Signs: These signs provide information about specific areas, facilities, or processes within the workplace. Examples include signs indicating restrooms, meeting rooms, break areas or designated work zones.
  • Regulatory Signs: These signs communicate compliance with laws and regulations. They may include signs indicating the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), no smoking areas or other regulatory requirements.
  • Directional Signs: These signs help individuals navigate through the workplace by providing directions to specific locations, such as offices, conference rooms or emergency exits.
  • Identification Signs: These signs help identify specific areas, equipment or items within the workplace. Examples include room numbers, equipment labels, or storage area signs.

The design and placement of workplace signage are essential to ensure that the information is easily visible, understandable, and aligns with safety and regulatory standards. Effective workplace signage contributes to a safer and more organized work environment by reducing the risk of accidents, enhancing communication, and facilitating smooth navigation within the facility.

Workplace Safety Signs in Australia 

Workplace safety signage plays a crucial role in promoting a safe and healthy work environment. They use recognisable workplace safety signs and symbols, colors and text to convey important information about potential hazards, safety procedures, and emergency exits. The use of standardized symbols and colors helps ensure that the messages are universally understood, regardless of language barriers. Some workplaces also include these signs in the form of Workplace Safety Posters.

Some important types of workplace safety signs and meanings include: 

Custom Workplace Signs 

New Signs understands that every workplace has its own unique needs and challenges and that is why we offer the option to customise signs to your own specific requirements. We can customise any of our existing sign range to include logos, brand colours or change the wording to fit better with your industry or worksite. Or our design team can help create a custom sign from scratch like a workplace bullying poster or a unique workplace hazard sign. 

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