Collection: Fire Safety Signs

Fire Signage Solutions 

Fire signage is an essential safety measure required by all buildings and workplaces. Fire signs are designed to share important and critical information to a wide number of people in a concise and clear manner. In emergency situations every second counts so it is vital that your employees, guests, visitors or tenants can quickly identify emergency exits, fire extinguishers and assembly points. 

New Signs has a comprehensive range of fire signage ready to go for every workplace. We have a range of Fire Extinguisher Signs, Fire Exit Signs, Fire Hose Signs, Fire Hazard Signs and Fire Safety Door Signs. Our fire signage range includes a full collection of Fire Red Signs and Fire Green Signs depending on your requirements. 

Why choose our Fire Safety Signs?

There are many reasons to choose New Signs for your fire safety signage needs: 

  • Range of materials and sizes available: New Signs has a huge range of Fire Signs ready to go in our collection, all of which are available in 3 material options - corflute, vinyl sticker and aluminum composite panel. We also offer a range of sizes in each material to ensure you can find the right size and material for your needs.  
  • Durable: Our signs are made to last. We laminate our aluminum composite panel and vinyl sticker ranges with UV protective matte laminate. This gives our signs an extra layer of protection to ensure they will remain effective and highly visible over time. 
  • Customisable: We understand the need for your signage to be compliant with the most up to date Australian Standards. We ensure you can achieve this by having the ability to customise all of our signs to meet your needs exactly. Whether you need a specific sign size, text height or wording, we are here to help. 

Fire Signs Meaning and Types 

There are many fire safety signs that need to be displayed including:  

  • Fire Extinguisher Signs: We have a full range of fire extinguisher signs to ensure your Fire Extinguisher is easily identifiable. With bold red and white designs they will ensure your fire extinguisher is easy to spot. Our range includes our Fire Extinguisher Sign, Fire Extinguisher Decal and Fire Extinguisher Vehicle Sticker.
  • Fire Exit Signs: Fire exit signs are essential in guiding people to exits during an emergency. We offer a range of signs in both Red and White and Green and White depending on your requirements. 
  • Fire Hose Reel Signage and Fire Hose Signs: Clear signage for the location of your fire hose reel makes it easy for people to identify in a crisis situation. Our Fire Hose Reel Sign and Fire Hose Reel - Statutory Sign might be exactly what you are looking for. 
  • Fire Hydrant Signage: Ensuring your fire hydrant is clearly labeled and accessible in emergencies is an important part of your fire safety plan. Our red and white fire hydrant signs will not be missed. 
  • Fire Door Signage: Fire doors are essential and can save lives by providing a barrier during fires. Make sure they are clearly marked and identifiable with clear instructions. 
  • Fire Hazard Signs: Communicate the potential fire dangers in your workplace or building clearly to ensure fire risks are minimised at all times. Prevention is always key so include fire hazard signs like HAZCHEM Signs where required.