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The Importance of Effective Property Management Signs

Whether you are a property manager or an owner, signs tell tenants, staff and the public what kind of business you run. Apartment complexes, malls and large commercial buildings all are in the same industry, but their needs for business building signage are quite different. In fact, most of these companies have unique requirements, and this is why choosing trusted and experienced signage services is so important.

No Parking Unauthorised Vehicles Will Be Towed Away at Owners Expense Sign

Securing and organising your car park doesn’t need to be a hassle. Parking signs from New Signs Australia offer an innovative solution to making sure customers, visitors, and employees can find a designated spot for their vehicles.

From Parking Prohibited signs to Disabled Parking spots, our parking signs provide car park signage that is both compliant and visible. Choose from our range of sizes and materials including metal, plastic, reflective foils, and more in order to ensure excellent visibility no matter day or night.

With such convenient varieties of car parking signs available, you can easily secure and organise your car park today.


Parking Signs in Australia

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Workplace Safety Solutions You Can Trust

With New Signs, you can ensure your parking lots remain well-managed, organised and secure. Our signs are made according to the laws and regulations so they will hold up in court if needed. They are easy to read, bold and brightly coloured to maximise visibility.

They come at an affordable price, are durable and ready for long-term outdoor use with superior fade resistance meaning you don't have to replace them often. For more information, contact us today.

Warning CCTV Video Surveillance Sign

  • Having yard signs indicating surveillance can be a loud and effective way to deter an impulsive burglar.
  • Strategically placing signs near back entrances and easy-access windows help improve overall safety.
  • Alarm stickers are similarly great for placing on windows and doors, which are usually easy targets.
  • A thief will check for unlocked doors and windows first, trying to avoid breaking glass or making too much noise.
  • Seeing a sticker that indicates an alarm will sound off once opened instils fear and is likely to send the bad guys away.
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Add that finishing touch

A common concern when using signage is keeping them in place. When used outdoors, their appearance can easily be affected by factors such as the weather and, instead of making your display stand out, they can make it look untidy and unprofessional. Drill holes, eyelets, doubled sided tape and cable ties are the solution to this problem. Rounded corned signs evoke warmth and trust. Many call them “friendly rectangles” for this reason.

* Easy install
* Low cost
* Assists in fastening your signs
* Good resistance to UV


Stainless Steel Signs

What can Stainless Steel Signs be used for?

Clearly show people important information by displaying these signs. Our top quality stainless steel laser etched signs will allow you to display information that is long lasting and stylish. These can be used to display safety information for pools, fire safety and even house numbers.

Why use Stainless Steel Signs?

Our 316 marine grade stainless steel is made to withstand the harsh elements of being submerged in water for prolonged periods of time.

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    Fire Door Do Not Obstruct Do Not Keep Open Stainless Steel Sign

    It's vital that everyone in a building is aware of their nearest fire exit, escape routes and where to find fire fighting equipment. Fire signage is essential in guiding the occupants of your business premises when a fire breaks out.

    Please contact us for bulk order quotes.  

    • 316 Marine-grade stainless steel
    • Rounded corner
    • No sharp edge
    • 1.2mm thick Marine Grade Stainless Steel
    • Chemical, Completely UV resistant & Salt resistant
    • Stands up to everything

    Statutory Signs

    Statutory Signs in Australia 

    Statutory Signs are a specific category of signs which are mandated in Australia. It refers to signs that are required to be installed on residential, commercial and retail developments in accordance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA). 

    Statutory signage is designed to convey critical information, warnings, or prohibitions that are legally required in specific settings and generally includes all signage related to all services including fire, electrical, communications etc. within a particular development. These signs can be required in workplaces, public facilities, commercial and residential buildings and help to maintain a safe and organised environment.

    Statutory Signage Australian Standards

    Statutory signs play a crucial role in ensuring safety and effective communication in buildings and facilities. Due to their importance statutory signs are governed by specific standards in Australia to ensure they are consistent across every building. Our range follows the Statutory Signage Australian Standard, AS 1319–1994 - safety signs for the occupational environment. 

    The AS 1319-1994 sets out guidelines and specifications for the design, placement, and visibility of statutory signs.  Compliance with this standard is essential to ensure that the signs effectively fulfill their intended purpose and meet regulatory requirements. The key areas which the guidelines covers are: 

    • Design and Color: The standard outlines specific colors and designs for different types of statutory signs to ensure clarity and recognition.
    • Placement: It provides guidance on where these signs should be located within your premises, ensuring they are visible to the intended audience.
    • Size and Format: The standard specifies the size and format of text and symbols on statutory signs, making them easy to read and understand.
    • Materials: AS 1319-1994 also offers recommendations for the materials used in manufacturing these signs to ensure durability and longevity.

    Our Statutory Signage Range

    New Signs has a huge range of statutory signs. Every design comes in 2 colour options: black background with white text and white background with black text to ensure your sign can stand out in your intended location. 

    We also have a range of sizes available which is relevant to the text required to be displayed: 

    New Signs also offers a completely customisable text range when you can include the exact text required for your sign. All four sizes and both colour combinations are available. Simply visit our Custom Statutory Signs page and start building our custom statutory signage in a few easy clicks.
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    Fire Safety Signs

    The bright red of Fire Signs makes them easy to spot around fire alarms and fire-fighting equipment. All text and imagery is white and stands out against the red background. Fire Signs are available to indicate the location of all your fire equipment, like fire extinguishers, fire blankets, fire hoses, and more.

    Fire Safety and Hazard Signs

    Fire safety is an important element of any workplace or building, and fire hazard signs are critical for the proper protection of everyone inside. New Signs is an Australian company that produces fire signs that are available for delivery, making fire safety a breeze....

    These include fire alarm signs, fire door signs and more to help keep your environment safe. Not only are these highly visible thanks to their bright red colouring, but they also feature white text and imagery to make sure fire-fighting equipment can be easily spotted in an emergency.

    Make sure you have the right signage everywhere with our fire signs in Australia today. With a range of signs available for rapid delivery across Australia, you can guarantee your workplace maintains the highest levels of safety and is up to date with all legislation standards.

    Custom Fire Danger Signs

    Protecting your business and ensuring the safety of your customers is essential. That's why it's important to have fire danger signs in place.

    Stay ahead of the curve with customised fire warning signs from New Signs. We offer a range of fire danger signs, fire risk signs, fire exit signs and more, all designed to keep people safe in case of an emergency or fire alarm activation.

    Our fire hazard signs are available for delivery throughout Australia and are made from durable materials – making them long-lasting solutions to protect your premises. We use modern materials and frames designed to withstand even the harshest Australian conditions. With care and attention put into our fire hazard signage design, you can rest easy knowing that you are covered.

    Bushfire Warning Signs

    In Australia, the frequency of bushfires is a growing threat. Preparing for these events has become increasingly important for local communities throughout the country. That's why New Signs has made it our priority to provide fast and efficient delivery services for custom bushfire warning signs.

    Our latest range of resilient metal signs comes with top-of-the-line reflective finishes to ensure visibility in any lighting condition. They’re also available in sizes tailored to suit any specific needs. With easy installation methods, low-cost options, as well as complete customisation possibilities, everybody can now make sure they stay prepared for larger bushfire events.

    Get Prepared with our Fire Safety Signs in Australia

    Fire safety is a critical aspect of staying safe and sound in any property or business, so make sure you take the necessary steps to ensure its effectiveness. Contact New Signs today for an unbeatable same-day quote on fire danger signs.

    We have high-quality signs designed to adhere to national standards and regulations that provide fire safety information in an easy-to-understand way. They’re also easy to install, so you can rest assured that we’ve got all your fire danger signage needs covered.

    Make the smart move today and secure your property – contact New Signs now for top-notch fire safety signs in Australia.

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