Collection: CCTV Signs

CCTV Camera Signs for your Home and Business 

The use of CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is increasingly becoming a popular way to protect your home or business. But more importantly CCTV camera signs and CCTV warning signs are widely being used as an extra layer of protection.

CCTV signs should be strategically placed in prominent locations like entrances and parking lots to notify people that CCTV Cameras are in use and that they are entering a monitored space. They can be used for private properties, public spaces as well as commercial and residential buildings. Displaying multiple signs in an area is a great way to ensure maximum visibility and awareness. 

CCTV Camera Signs or CCTV Warning Signs are a cost effective and easy to install measure with many benefits. Displaying CCTV signs can deter unwanted visitors and potential intruders, discourage unlawful activities like theft and promote good behaviours. 

CCTV Signage Requirements in Australia  

Liability issues are also a common reason for displaying CCTV camera signs at your home or workplace. The CCTV Requirements in Victoria, NSW and other states differ from state to state but in certain circumstances it can be mandatory to display a CCTV sign to comply with privacy laws when CCTV cameras are in use. 

By displaying CCTV in use signs and video surveillance signs you can show you are adhering to these laws by notifying people their image is being taken or recorded. For business this can also ensure you are providing a safe and secure workplace for employees and guests. 

Choosing the right CCTV Sign

New Signs has a huge range of CCTV Camera signs to choose from. Our signage is designed to convey a clear and concise message in bold, easy to read text. We have a range of easily identifiable colour combinations available including our blue and white Warning CCTV Video Surveillance Sign, our Red and White No Trespassing Private Property - Video Surveillance Sign and Yellow and Black Warning These Premises Are Under 24 Hour Surveillance Sign.

As well as a full range of CCTV signs, New Signs stocks Security Signs and Private Property Signs so you can feel fully protected in your home or business. We also have the ability to customise any of the signs in our range or create a new design to suit your exact requirements.

At New Signs we also offer a range of materials so you can find the right product to suit your needs. Corflute is a sturdy ribbed plastic product which is a cost-effective and lightweight option suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Our vinyl stickers can easily be applied on windows or any smooth surfaces. And our CCTV metal signs are made of an Aluminium Composite Panel which is long-lasting, durable and finished with a UV protective matte laminate so they are perfect for outdoor use. 

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