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Stop Signs 

New Signs is your one stop shop for all of your safety signage needs including stop signs. We stock a large range of stop sign designs including signs suitable for both traffic use and use within the workplace. You can even purchase our stop signs for garages. Check out our range of stop signs or customise your own stop sign today. 

Traffic and Road Stop Signs in Australia 

Stop signs can be used in many contexts and are essential in road and traffic management. In Australia, standard traffic stop signs are the most recognisable with their red background and white capitalized letters that spell out STOP. 

The primary purpose of a stop sign in traffic management is to control the right of way at an intersection. The stop sign meaning for drivers is that they must come to a complete stop and yield the right-of-way to other vehicles, pedestrians or cyclists before proceeding. The stop sign on roads helps prevent accidents and maintain order at intersections.

In Australia, road signs are required to be produced on an approved reflective material. At New Signs we offer printing on Class 1, otherwise known as Class 400 reflective material which complies with this requirement. Class 1 signs are identifiable by its honeycomb pattern background which reflects light from wide angles. 

Regulations on road traffic signs change from state to state so be sure to check your local requirements when choosing the sign for your needs. 

Workplace Stop Signage 

Stop Signs can be used in a range of contexts, not just on the roads. Workplaces are a great example of where stop signs can be used in many different ways. In many cases the recognisable red hexagon stop sign picture is used in conjunction with text to convey an important instruction to workers or visitors to a workplace. The stop symbol on a sign invokes a sense of danger or risk if the sign is not complied with. 

Some examples of stop signs that can be used in the workplace in enhance health and safety include: 

Custom Stop Signs

At New Signs we understand every business has its own unique needs so we make it as easy as possible for you to customise a sign exactly the way you want it. Our custom signs can be ordered directly from our website or you can contact us to speak with our friendly team who can help you along the way. 

You can be as creative as you like or keep it simple with a text change to an existing sign in our range. You can even change the stop sign red colour to a stop sign in green or blue. We offer a range of sizes, materials and finishes meaning you can create the exact sign to meet your needs.