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Exit Signage Solutions 

New Signs is your one stop signage shop for all of your signage needs including Exit Signs. We have a comprehensive range of exit signs including emergency exit signs as well as general directional exit signs. Whether you need an exit sign for door or an exit sign with arrow, we have you covered. 

Our exit sign range features clear and easy-to-understand designs, with internationally recognisable colours and images. We understand the importance of effective signage in both emergency and non-emergency situations and our products are designed with this in mind.

Our exit signs come in a range of materials and sizes so you can find the right sign for your needs. With stickers, corflute and aluminium composite panel materials and reflective and non-reflective finishes available across our range we can help find a sign to meet your requirements. With rounded corners, drill holes, eyelets and double sided tape finishes also available, installing our signs is a breeze. 

Emergency Exit Signage 

Emergency exit signs are an essential part of building safety and emergency planning. They play a critical role of guiding occupants out of a building during emergency situations. These signs are found in both private and public buildings and facilities to ensure the safe and orderly evacuation of occupants. 

When selecting your exit signs for emergencies you may be wondering if you should choose an exit sign in red or an exit sign in green? Exit signs in Australia that are used for emergency situations usually have a green background with white writing. The reason for this is green is universally associated with ‘go’ and ‘safety’. Exit signs can also have a red background with white writing. It is essential to look at the exit sign Australian standards and check your local regulations when choosing an emergency exit sign as rules and regulations are in place in regards to the use of these signs. 

New signs also has a range of related collections including Fire Safety Signs, Emergency Information Signs, Fire Red Signs and Fire Green Signs to ensure you can find all of your emergency signs in one place.  

Directional Exit Signage 

Directional exit signs are a type of exit sign used for non-emergency situations and are used to help direct people to exit locations. These exit signs are often simple in their design and use colours other than red or green backgrounds to ensure they can be differentiated from emergency exit signs. 

Directional exit signs have many uses including in private and public car parks, in commercial and residential buildings, on private properties, in the workplace and even for your next event.  

In many cases, a series of directional exit signs will be used. The initial signs will include arrows to assist with directing people towards the exit with a final clear exit sign to announce the exit point. In addition to our range of exit signs we also offer no exit signs which can assist in conveying clear directions. 

While you are at it why not check out our range of Enter Signs to complete your entry exit signage needs.  

For Exit Signs Australia look no further than New Signs, contact us for a free quote today.