Statutory Signs

What are Statutory Signs used for?

Statutory Signage refers to signs that are required to be installed on residential, commercial and retail developments in accordance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA). Our range follows the Australian Standard, AS1319-1994 Safety signs for the occupational environment. 

Why use a Statutory Sign?

Statutory signs are a sign type that are required to indicate the location of various emergency services and amenities throughout a building.

What is a Statutory Sign?

Statutory signage is signage that is required by the Building Code of Australia. These signs need to be installed to various areas of buildings. These signs include things like fire safety signs, door identification for certain types of rooms or doors, and even tactile braille signs. These signs are required to be legible from a certain distance, and in many cases must meet minimum capital letter heights restrictions.


Our Statutory Signs

Benefits of Statutory Signs

Statutory signage will communicate where important emergency and amenities locations are, these can be toilets, fire extinguishers, building exits and disabled parking, to name a few. They can also greatly increase the efficiency and accessibility of your building.



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