Truck and Vehicle Reflective Signage

It is a regulatory requirement that marking plates be placed on the rear of certain motor vehicles and trailers in order to improve their visibility and to provide the do not overtake turning vehicle warning to other motorists. 

Use these signs to improve heavy vehicle visibility and assist in providing necessary instructions and/or warnings to other motorists.

Complies with Australian Standards (AS4001.1) and the latest National Code of Practice for Rear Marking Plates (VSB12)

Weatherproof UV Stabilised Acrylic Film

Compliance to AS/NZS 1906.1 Class 1W

Excellent corrosion and solvent resistance

5 years outdoor durability

Transparent Film

Rounded Corners

Reflective Truck Signage

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Do Not Overtake Turning Vehicle

Do not overtake turning vehicle Sign is used to display on the rear of trucks and heavy vehicles.

The obligation to provide the ‘do not overtake turning vehicle’ warning is a road rule as applicable in each jurisdiction and applies equally to heavy and light vehicles and combinations. 

The types of vehicles or combinations on which the do not overtake turning vehicle message must or may be fitted is determined by the length of the vehicle or combinations and how the vehicle performs when turning at intersections. 

Class 2 plates already fitted to vehicles are being phased out gradually. Operators will be permitted to continue using Class 2 plates that are already fitted to their vehicle until they require normal replacement because the plates are damaged, have faded or are being replaced as they are incorrectly fitted. 


Class 1 Reflective

Class 1 or other known as Class 400 reflective is the higher grade of reflectivity, and it is identifiable by its honeycomb pattern. Our Prismatic Reflective Film is designed for short and medium term outdoor applications. Class 1 Reflective is best suited for high intensity reflective signage and vehicle applications as it reflects light from wide angles. All signs used on a public road must be Class 1 to comply.



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Reflective Vehicle Tapes

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Reflective Vehicle Marking Tapes

  • 983 Rigid Edge Sealed Series are suitable for flat, rigid surfaces
  • High brightness, superior angularity
  • Excellent water resistance and non-corroding
  • Highly reflective at wide angles
  • Aggressive, pressure-sensitive adhesive
  • Easy-to-remove liner
  • Easy application to smaller trucks, trailers, and other hard surfaces

For application to sides and rear of large trucks, trailers and other vehicles to increase their visibility, especially when the vehicle is turning or crossing roadways