Braille Signs

What is a Braille Sign?

Braille is a system of reading and writing used by those with visual impairments—specifically, people who are blind. And because it's a code, it can be transcribed into different languages.
This system consists of a series of raised dots. Braille symbols are created within units of space known as braille cells.

Male, Female and Disabled Toilet - Braille Sign

  • Meets Building Code Of Australia D3.7
  • Fully Compliant in Aus & NZ
  • Meets Australian Standard AS1428
  • Self adhesive

Our Braille Signs

The benefits

Easy to apply these braille signs are suitable for all applications. These signs can be adhered to any surfaces. Our braille signs are fully compliant in Australia & New Zealand and meet Building Code of Australia D3.6 as well as Australian Standard AS1428.1



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