Collection: Statutory Signs

Statutory Signs in Australia 

Statutory Signs are a specific category of signs which are mandated in Australia. It refers to signs that are required to be installed on residential, commercial and retail developments in accordance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA). 

Statutory signage is designed to convey critical information, warnings, or prohibitions that are legally required in specific settings and generally includes all signage related to all services including fire, electrical, communications etc. within a particular development. These signs can be required in workplaces, public facilities, commercial and residential buildings and help to maintain a safe and organised environment.

Statutory Signage Australian Standards

Statutory signs play a crucial role in ensuring safety and effective communication in buildings and facilities. Due to their importance statutory signs are governed by specific standards in Australia to ensure they are consistent across every building. Our range follows the Statutory Signage Australian Standard, AS 1319–1994 - safety signs for the occupational environment. 

The AS 1319-1994 sets out guidelines and specifications for the design, placement, and visibility of statutory signs.  Compliance with this standard is essential to ensure that the signs effectively fulfill their intended purpose and meet regulatory requirements. The key areas which the guidelines covers are: 

  • Design and Color: The standard outlines specific colors and designs for different types of statutory signs to ensure clarity and recognition.
  • Placement: It provides guidance on where these signs should be located within your premises, ensuring they are visible to the intended audience.
  • Size and Format: The standard specifies the size and format of text and symbols on statutory signs, making them easy to read and understand.
  • Materials: AS 1319-1994 also offers recommendations for the materials used in manufacturing these signs to ensure durability and longevity.

Our Statutory Signage Range

New Signs has a huge range of statutory signs. Every design comes in 2 colour options: black background with white text and white background with black text to ensure your sign can stand out in your intended location. 

We also have a range of sizes available which is relevant to the text required to be displayed: 

New Signs also offers a completely customisable text range when you can include the exact text required for your sign. All four sizes and both colour combinations are available. Simply visit our Custom Statutory Signs page and start building our custom statutory signage in a few easy clicks.