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Water Safety Signs for Every Need

Water safety signage is a crucial visual communication tool designed to inform and alert individuals about potential hazards, safe practices and emergency procedures in and around water-related environments. 

There are many situations that require water signage and it is important to get the right type of sign for your situation. Water signs are designed for specific uses around water and every sign plays an essential role in preventing accidents, promoting responsible behaviour and ensuring compliance with safety regulations. 

Some situations where you may require water safety signs are around water tanks, boreholes, dams and swimming pools.  

Bore Water Signage

Bore water or groundwater is water that is sourced from underground aquifers through the use of a borehole or well. Due to the variability in bore water quality it is essential to inform individuals about its presence and proper usage. Bore water signs often convey information about the source of water, any treatment or usage restrictions and safety precautions. 

Water Safety Warning Signs

Safety should never be compromised around water. Our safety signs for water are designed to alert people to potential hazards such as strong currents or slippery surfaces. Protect lives with our water safety signs.

Swimming Pool Signage 

Swimming Pool Signs are a very important part of water safety signage. Pool water safety signs provide important information and warnings to pool users to ensure that they are aware of potential hazards, safety rules and to provide life saving information in the event of an emergency.  

Swimming Pool Signs can include a range of signs including Pool Depth Markers, Pool Rules Signs and CPR and Resuscitation Signs

Water Tank Signage 

Water tanks can be hazardous areas. Our water tank signs help you convey safety instructions and warnings effectively. This may include warnings about the quality of the tank water, to notify people that tank water is in use or convey important safety information about the tank including Full and Empty markers, Deep Water or Confined Spaces signs. 

Drinking Water Signage

When it comes to your property, workplace or school it is essential to let visitors, guests and employees know whether the water is safe to drink or not. New Signs offers a range of drinking water signs including those to indicate safe and not safe water to drink. 

Deep Water Signage

Safety is paramount around deep water bodies. Our deep water signage is highly visible and serves as a crucial warning to prevent accidents. Trust our deep water signs to keep people aware of potential dangers. 

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