Collection: Caution Yellow Signs

Safety signs in the Workplace 

Keeping your workplace safe can be an overwhelming task but New Signs is here to help. Installing safety signs in the workplace is an effective way to warn guests of potential hazards or obstacles they may encounter and to help keep them safe while on your premises. 

New Signs Australia offers an extensive range of Caution Signs, Danger Signs and Warning Signs to suit every industry. All our safety signs are offered in a variety of different materials including vinyl stickers, corflute signs and aluminum composite signs so we have just the right product for your needs. With multiple sizes and reflective finishes also available we have every angle covered. 

Warning Signs and Caution Signs 

Safety signs are split into a range of categories with hazard signs being a key category for maintaining a safe workplace. Hazard signs are further categorised depending on the injury level the hazard can cause. Danger Signs are used to warn people of life threatening hazards whereas caution and warning signs are used to alert people to hazards that will cause non life threatening injuries. 

Caution and warning signage is easily identifiable by key features including a yellow or orange background, bold black text and a triangle around a symbol. The words ‘caution’, ‘warning’, or ‘beware’ are also often used. 

You may be surprised at just how common caution signs are and how often you see them in your everyday life. Caution Watch Your HeadCaution Slippery When WetCaution Work in ProgressCaution Watch Out for Pedestrians are just a few you may see on a daily basis. However, there is a whole range of caution signs specifically tailored to individual workplaces and industries around flammable materials, storage of goods, biohazards, chemicals, overhead objects, machinery and equipment just to name a few.  

Custom Safety Signs 

We have a huge range of caution signage for every workplace including Building Sites, Hospitality Venues, Farms, Schools, Storage Facilities and Warehouses. However we understand that every workplace can have its own unique challenges so we can also create Custom Signs to meet your exact needs. 

Whether you have seen a design that just needs a simple change to fit your needs perfectly or have a sign in mind that you just can’t find, we are here to help. Simply contact us and let us know what your sign needs to say and our design team can help create your own unique sign.